January 8, 2011

Happiness Comes in……Pinkish Birthday Gifts

I got these lovely things for my birthday (for those of you who claims to be my good friend and haven't gimme any present, I'm still expecting... Ahem!...)
Thank You soooooooo much! I love love love love them!

You know how I love 50s pin-up girls and strip scenes, right? Err, No? Exposing my guilty pleasure here, am I? Well anyway, Dita von Teese represents everything a Burlesque Queen should be, and if you never see her dance you should and you'll know what I'm talking about. This gorgeous book will be a perfect match to my Vargas Book. I'm displaying it on my dressoir right now, Thank You so much for the lovely lovely gift Mr. Painsugar.

I really love the jewellery box feeling of it
 there are three flipbooks inside!!

Another lovely book comes from Miss Vantiani along with a super adorable pencil necklace. It's a book by a local design company called Leboye. This company is highly responsible for bringing back Indonesian vintage and retro into the design scene since the 90s. And when everybody try to simulate their style (vintage is hip! Duh!), they take a whole new different approach, and they're BANG BANG BANGin'!!! 

the cover is also a poster and the colors matched my room perfectly! Yayness!!
My initial letter features Mega Mendung, my favorite Batik motif of all
will definitely wear it with my paper clip-earrings, stationery accessories rock!
and a passport holder from Mom!

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  1. i got leboye's book too from him .. awesome people :)

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  3. Hello Luna,
    I got the Leboye book from Miss Vantiani, I never met people from Leboye, but I believe they're as awesome as you said : )