September 15, 2010

Spice Colored Room

Project Bollybabe's Room is finished! Yaaayyyy!!! What she wanted is an India inspired room,being crazy about all things India that she even turned to look like one, and this is what I can deliver. She's pretty psyched about it (of course, being nowhere near the process of the oh-so-exciting activities of packing, unpacking, arguing, rearranging, etc).

She likes earth tones in rooms, and fortunately most of her "Indian stuffs" collections are of shades of oranges and reds, and that soon become the palette. Easy escapes, I know. BUT I JUST have to instill 'unexpectedness', or my life won't be complete. But not so much as surprising as Arnold Scwhatever-his-name-spelling-is in Barbie heaven  (one of my sister's room  pre-incarnation, read story here). And so there's silver......

The finished room presents a stark contrast to mine, but there are few hints that the two were connected somehow. Just like us, no matter how great the difference between us, we're sisters, and we love each other very much.
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  1. shali...keren banget ini kamar adikmu yaaa....suka sekali.

  2. lemari dan gordennya keren banget :D Lampunya jugaaa ow ow! XD

  3. Iya Dindie, ah kamu yah sukanya muted colors memang kan....

    @Cecil: Lampunya sebenarnya lentera buat lilin... tapi diisi lampu lima watt, rantainya sabuk lama punya nyokap hehehehe

  4. shali kayaknya besok-besok kalo mau memake-over kamarku harus ngundang kamu ya *wink wink*