September 16, 2010

The Anatomy Show

Yesterday I finally went to the Anatomy Show together with Puti and Agung as promised. Yayness!

Not only that, we also went look looking at cool stuffs  at Mazee, gossipping over Sour Sally’s frozen yoghurt (extra topping promo medium size! Chaching!), then munched  the softest,  puffiest  bread evvvahhh  at  Pan Ya. Ultra ultra Yayness!!! (Been trying to avoid using “awesomeness” too much, since it made me sound like a 90s teen, and use this word instead. Verdict;  still teen-like yet more up-to-date *sigh*)

Back to the Anatomy Show.  Although the display was horrendous, the specimens showed were awe-inspiring. And if you bought the tickets to the show you get a chance to ride the metal slide thingie that twirled in the middle of the bewildering mall too. The 6 seconds of swirling speed was awesomeness! (couldn’t help it love the word too much.)

Here’s a few evidential pics, Enjoy!!!

somehow very William Blake's Red Dragon, no?

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