November 21, 2010


Since you’ve read the title already, you’d pretty much know where this post is heading, and by that my excuse for not taking care of this blog properly. Do accept my sincere appy polly logies dear friends for I’ve been travelling quite extensively.

After months of doubts (the money kind that is), I finally went to Europe. And when in doubt I usually find escape in, guess what, come on, uhuh you’re quite correct……  A vacation! To the beach! Though it was short and simple, it was quite fun and I got too spend some times with my sister and cousins, a thing that we haven’t done in ages.
Picture this; the sun is shining brightly and teased your skin red, the sand tickled your toes, and the sound of the waves beckon you to swim in the blue that sparkled gold. 

But that's another story for another time. For I am now nowhere near the sea, I am trapped in my own room  I am sinking lower and lower under the duvet due to a mild fever plus diarrhea that made me feel I'm about to burst any time soon. Being an half-full kinda human, I am glad that my room has at least blue and gold in it and I could pretend that the sound of cars passing by as a very strange kind of wave, and the bikes and becaks as seagulls. But relax, I won't be parading in just my undies thinking it's a swimsuit. 

I am babbling madly am I? Well anyway.....
My first trip to Europe is about six years ago, and it changed me, if not my life, my perspective. Before I just like to look at pictures and sometimes like to find the story behind it. As I entered the Louvre I was immediately dumbstruck and close to tears as I hold my pounding heart in my throat. I fell completely in love With  Art. And it changed me.

So I am really looking forward for this trip, all giddy and excited wandering how it will be. Will it change me again? Or will stay the same and instead being retrospective on the whole she-bangs? I cannot tell for sure, for only time will tell. In the mean time, dear friends, bear with me as I fill your cup with my claptraps.

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