September 1, 2010

Fashion Recon: Fringe Shawl Tutorial

Okay, this is the last recon from my recent madness. Plus the tutorial. Here's what you need:

- Old T Shirt (the bigger the better, so you'd have larger shawl)
- Scissors
- Thread and Needle

That's all really. And I promise you it'll be easy peasy.

First, lay your Tee on a flat-ish surface.

so wrinkly and worn yet so happy looking
Cut the bottom hemming and the sleeves.

Cut in half, then set aside the part with the collar. 

Make multiple 1 inch (2, 5 cm) slices using scissors stopping at about 2 3/4 - 4 inch ( 7- 10 cm) from the top.

Do likewise to the remaining part.


  1. pasti si cottonink terngiri-ngiri ngeliat ini...

  2. ah dindie..... ini kan karena hanya lagi tak mampu beli jadi diakali sendiri...
    : )