June 23, 2010

Photo Me Painterly: Oleg Dou's Pop Surrealism

Once I have these strange beautiful dreams of milk-skinned creatures with large eyes and no eyebrows. They live in a land full of mushrooms. I woke up feverish and started to sketch. But still they soon become forgotten, like milk, the project had gone sour. One day I stumbled upon the works of Oleg Dou, and it made me feel giddy. Someone has brought the dream creatures to life. He even have this Virgin Mary-like persona in all white with a red red heart at the center, the only difference is my version has both of her hands lifted up protecting the heart (and no I won't show you the sketch,  it's ugly trust me). 
As you could probably tell these photos are manipulated in a way. But still, awesomeness need not be constrained. As to why the Pop Surrealism, well, it sorta rings back to Mark Ryden's Blood series. Enjoy!

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