June 24, 2010

The Juxbox: The Anatomixers

My fascination with the art of human anatomy probably started when I entered university. Without ever really knowing why, my nextdorm neighbors were always studious medical students whom everyone of them I often find perusing a hefty book while eating, gossiping, or bathroom going, et cetera.  It was Sobbotta Atlas of the Human Anatomy. Well that, and I began collecting metal cassettes, great bands like Carcass and Cannibal Corpse often depicted scenes of operations cover album or lyrics. 

Bloody hypertrophy of papillae spewing urethritis like urticaria
Septicaemia filled dermis scorched by acidic uric nocturia.
Verrucose urethra
Glutenous condyloma
Ureterocoeles excreting warm, decaying, cystic pemphigus
Gnawing at flesh with rancid uraturial lust.
Manifestation On Verrucose Urethra - Carcass ( from the "Reek of Putrefaction" (!988) album)

But, it was seeing Gray's Anatomy on a bookshelf (couldn't buy it, too expensive for me back then) that got me hooked totally on medical illustration so that every now and then I would google myself some. In a way these images bring back my childhood dream of becoming a Jolly Roger hoisting buccaneer. Ah enough yours truly, let us enjoy the works of modern-day artists who managed to dissect human bodies profoundly. 
First I present you, Valerio Carrubba. Like the great  Andreas Vesalius, Carrubba's stoic subjects were posed in front of a pastoral settings. As if having your internal organs exposed was just another day at the office.

Next we have another Mediterranean gentleman by the name of Fernando Vicente who managed to fused anatomical illustration and the sultry models of Vanity Fair covers of the 40s and his to-die-for robin egg blue.

Do check the content chockablock Morbid Anatomy or the clean and concise Street Anatomy  for  healthy doses of anatomy-inspired art and design. 

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  1. Wow, you actually gave me something new to fall in love with...human anatomy...i never thought it would be THIS interesting.