June 14, 2010

I Like Monday

Umm not this one, but last week. It's one of those perfect days you know. It's the kind of day where everything feels smooth and right and you got that goody good tingly feelings all day long. And here's why....

 a quick brekkie at the new built 7eleven just 5 minutes walk from Tika's place

then to the Kemang branch post office to mail my etsy-print

flower stalls across the post office

"let's stop and smell the flowers," the bee said

"okay," said I,

"let's reflect on that"

then I hopped on a Bajaj and go back to Tika's place. I just love the noisy little vehicle to bits.

continued making preparations for Tika and the Dissidents stage-decor while waiting for Peter and Retno

Retno's rockin' rolling! We couldn't find the dough-roller, so we used syrup-bottle instead

fresh from the oven

Voila! The Pizzas are ready to be delivered for Miss V's small birthday party at her office

Miss V's co-workers smothered Neapolitan Ice cream on top of a Martabak Manis Keju in this  very sinful version of a birthday cake. It was one of the best cake I ever tasted. Happy Birthday Miss V!

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  1. Everything's look extremely delicious. Have a blissful birthday miss V.