March 3, 2010

M is for Makeshift

One of my best buys this year is definitely a tripod, it totally brings my not-so-sophisticated-yet-sufficient digital Xacti S6 to new heights , I just soooo want to bring it along. If only it weren't so space consuming, and I like to travel compactly . 
*Note: I didn't say light, along with the must-have-toiletries, my little suitcase currently holds 6 tees, 2 tanks, 2 dresses, 2 pjs, 1 cardi, 4 leggings, and a short pants. Forgetting not the bright and bold scarves to go with it, knit-berets, and few necklaces. I, proud to say, am a pretty good packer. *
I am glad I slept pretty early last night, so I am able to woke up early and managed to whip this up. 

What exactly is that  you may ask. Well, it's a Bottlecap Minipod, I saw something like it couple months a go, when I was researching cheap photo-hacks so I could take better pics of my products.  I figure I could simulate that on my own and went  to the hardware store the very next day. So I bought few bolts and nuts and some whatchamacallits (it's a squishy longish tube with a hole). And ever since those things been sitting very quietly unpacked in the corner of  an ever bulging supply-box. Until now....

Okay , start shall we? Here's what you'll need:
- some PET bottlecaps
- some bolts and nuts (make sure it fit the screwy hole thing in the bottom of you camera)
- a screwdriver or other strong sharp-ish object
- a lighter
- a cutter/ scissors

Make a hole in the bottle cap using a screw driver (preheat the tip of the the screwdriver using a lighter to make penetration easier). Insert the nut into the hole, fasten with bolt. Cut the squishy tube in adjustment to the space between the bolted nut and the camera (this will serve as some sort of cushion).  When you buy your bottled water, drink only half of it and replace the cap with your new makeshift minipod, and click on! 

Now I have to confess, I have too much stuffs in my bag. and I am not too fond in toting it since it was pretty heavy. I have to really force  myself to not throw in another tool to give my shoulder and my back some slacks. Even when the little voices in my head chant  "But this is the keychain version!".  But  I really think that I do have to bring few bolts and nuts along with the remain of the squishy tube in case they have a different sized bottle there. This is what happened when you have MacGyver as your hero, so someone, anyone, send me a full fledged Victorinox!


  1. Shali, tadinya aku nggak percaya ada tripod semacam ni, terus pas aku lihat di linkmu...astaga beneran ada yang di amazon kayak gini! Ide D.I.Y-nya sangat brilian deh :)

  2. i dont think it will stand for my monstrous camera, but still, thats just so damn smart, DIY!