March 1, 2010

M is for MacGyver

Shame on you that said  "who?". Twice. No, make it thrice
He showed me tricks much more magical than any mantra . Of science, of bravery, of the wonders that could be found not in a galaxy far, far away but in my own backyard (oh, I am so close to tears now). He is everything I wish to be when I grow up.  He will always be my all time hero. 
His intelligence,optimism, resourcefulness, and anti- violence resoluteness has made him stand out from the flock of itchy trigger-fingered bloaty-muscled-Machoer-than- Thou men. Thus created a cult of  kids that carried a  Swiss Army Knife whose parents' kitchen they at least once managed to blew up.
As far as I know, Mac doesn't really have any outworldly super power, except maybe that he is among the very few favorable men that looks good sporting the haircut notoriously known as the mullet.

my kind of  "keep calm an carry on"

The Man, The Myth, and the aspiring-hipsters-would-kill-for jacket

go get that mullet head (found via blame it on the voices)

Find out more on : The Man  and The ActorThe Myth and The Cult, The Mastermind
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