March 18, 2010

M is for Macau

I am back! Still bleary-eyed and sore allover but hey how bout a travelpics' galore? 
Macau is so much more than an Asian Las Vegas, the old city center is brimming with wonderful historics within walking distance. Macau is definitely NOT a morning city, it is recommendable to wake up early (8 AM is still early enough by the way) to enjoy Largo de Senado's  full grandeur.

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  1. kayak di negeri dongeng ya shal! whoaaa!

  2. Banget ya Ika, apalagi pas kemaren masih ada sisa perayaan Imlek...
    Tapi begitu masuk jam sepuluh haduh langsung super rusuh tau-tau jadi buanyakkkk banget orang