September 29, 2009

Clay Play

Here's my latest craze.... the iClay from Amos. And no, this isn't some iPod hacks. The texture and colors are very similar to the usual claydough except that it could be hardened. Unlike polyclay it doesn't need baking, so oven won't be necessary since it could be air dried. Once dried (usually overnight) it becomes this rubbery thing that's very much like gum-eraser. Tried to glaze it with high-gloss varnish and it becomes sorta plasticky. Still having problems when I tried to glue it onto settings and wirings. I am using UHU's all pupose adhesive, any suggestion on better selection? ( and please don't mention the awesome E-6000 cause it is soooooooooo hard to find in Indonesia)


  1. oh those candy jewelry pieces are too sweet!

  2. Thank You Tess,

    Right now I'm in the middle of improving my mini-cupcakes, there'll be chococolates too... just wait...
    : )