September 30, 2009

New Items!

From Borneo's glassbeads (that I bought on my mudik-trip), my spraypainted metal settings, and 18x13mm original japanese vintage cabochons that I got from Etsy these darling little things dangle merriily on a 50 cm silver colored chains with lovely toggle clasps.....
I am not so sure if I am ready to sell it just yet.....
I am also really happy with the way this large mother-of-pearl rose pendant ( this one is from this very old jewelry shop on my trip to Malang), that also matches beautifully with the recently bought glassbeads from Martapura, South Borneo.


  1. Oh the second picture is really, really pretty Shali! Yay!

  2. Terima Kasih Ika.... ini ngambil gambarnya di kamar mandi pas matahari lagi terik2nya : )