June 17, 2016

Travel Journal: Japan Trip 2016

Buying funny beauty mask is a must! We actually bought  the mini porcelain masks here in a second hand shop!

So finally I scanned my Japan Travel Journal, and I would scan the rest of my travel journal entries from way back when, last entry scanned was India and that was from 2012, there are some mini trips I did after that before life takes over and I moved to Australia.
Talking about moving, we just recently settled down in our new nest, thus the huge time span between the trip and the posting of the blog. Every weekend we are either packing stuffs, putting them in the garage, and scouring for furniture etc since we moved from a fully furnished into an unfurnished apartments.If you would like to see my freshly decorated nest head over to my instagram, it is @shalindrome. 
Well, anyway at first I planned to do a haul post along with this, but actually I didn't really buy that much stuff when in Japan. I brought home lotsa food though but all got eaten straight away.... And Tadaaaaa here's my journal.....

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