April 4, 2016

Wanderlust: My 10 Days Packing List for Spring in Japan

So I will be leaving to Japan in a week! Yayyyy! And this is gonna be our first travel abroad as a couple.The trip to Indonesia doesn't count cause well I am just going home, and eating yourself silly with dang delicious Indonesian food is not exactly traveling, plus my sister's husband is driving us everywhere mostly....
Anyway I think it's about time that I sorta update my travel packing-list, use my own photos to you know, really walk the talk, and just do a short post about it. If you want to check my old and more comprehensive post on what to pack just click the link here, and for more inspirations you could also click this and that
I do realized that my packing list does not differ much over the years, but I think this time I am a bit over-packed and sorta got a bit crazy on the outerwear, LOL. I don't really need three jacket, one is fine... But when I started to pack my tops and bottoms I found SOOOOO MUCH BLACK, so to inject some colors I decided to bring along a peachy faux leather jacket from ASOS, because it's Sakura season, and a red long cardigan to match the Torii (Shinto shrine gates). I would love to be all serious and  mysterious and stuff and to just wear all black everything all the time. But it doesn't really work with my personality.
The suitcase I used is just some unbranded standard carry-on as you can see above.

soooooo many pouches
In total I brought along 15 pieces (12 packed and 3 to wear), and here's the general breakdown.
- Peachy Faux Leather Jacket (O1)
- Red Long Cardigan (O2)
- Black Light Jacket (O3)

- Fringe Dress (D1)
- Mesh Dress (D2)

- Black Skinny Jeans (B1)
- Black Leggings (B2)
- Denim Shorts (B3)
- Black Laser-cut Skirt (B4)

- Black Long Sleeve (T1)
- Black Tank Top (T2)
- White Tee (T3)
- Striped Tank (T4)
- Black Ruffle Tee (T5)

1 Sleepwear

I used packing cubes and pouches to organize my suitcase, you might save more space without the pouches, but this way your stuffs are more tidy and you would have less headache when pulling out or putting in clothes from and into your suitcase. It just feels much nicer for me.
Don't forget to try out your clothes before you pack and make a note on the combinations, you could either take a photo of them with your phone or make a simple note in your journal:
Anyway here's a combos that I'm gonna do:

D1   T1 + B1 + O1
D2   D1 + O2 + Scarf (not in suitcase just gonna be in my handbag)
D3   T4 + B3 + O3
D4   T3 + B3 + O2
D5   T5 + B2 + O1
D6   T1 + B4
D7   T2 + B1 + O3
D8   T3 + B1 + O3
D9   T5 + B4 + O3
D10 T1 + B2 + O1

What I have to consider also is days that I have to spend on overnight bus, so I am wearing the same bottoms and just change up the top/bottom so I feel refreshed (check-in time is 3 PM and we arrived very early in the morning).

Above is the content of my red packing cube that I used for my bottoms and sleepwear compartment. Don't forget to always put your sleepwear on top, so you can immediately change into something comfy when you are arrived in your hotel/hostel. Oh yeah, I also put my mesh dress there, I use it as a layering piece since it weights and folds into almost nothing and a great way to change up your look
And here's what inside the blue pouch.

tops and a dress, plus a  camisole and a thin stocking.

 The basic rule of savvy travel packing is do not pack what you only wear once. But I do like to break them and bring a special something, like this dress for instance, I love it soooo much, but haven't find the occasion to wear it in the hot humid heat of Cairns. So yep, it's coming with me and I must wear it!

I brought a tote bag for grocery shopping/dirty laundry/etc and this one is a gift from Miss Dindie  and inside I put a small cross body bag so I don't have to carry my main tote bag around (which you could check in my instagram). And inside the small bag I put another packing cube with my undies inside (3 bras, 5 panties, 2 socks).

Above is my toiletry bag and also my microfiber towel, I don't bring shampoo cause I intend to but it in Japan, there something about Japanese shampoo that makes my hair go awesome.  And here's how they laid out together in the suitcase. And I just realized that I forget my exfoliating glove thingie, I like to gibve my body extra special attention when I travel cause it will be working and bingeing sooo hard. I just gotta give it some love.

In the mesh pocket/divider thingie I put toothbrushes, wet wipes, my travel journal with a small pencil case that also function as a book strap, cotton pad, and a pouch for my necklace and earrings, they ain't dainty, I tell you that. Some travel hacks will suggest to organize your jewelries in jewelry organizer or one of medicine compartments, but since most of mine is HUGE and obnoxious. So nope.

Under the mesh compartment divider thingie besides a foldable duffet bag and my harness, is basically empty.... You know what that is for..... ALL THE SOUVENIRS!!! Mwahahahahaha......
Only one pouch will be put in there which is going to be for cables and chargers. And that's it!

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