May 9, 2012

Yoohoo Noohoo!

So what’s new? Several things actually. So umm, yeah, and all come under one big umbrella: excuses.   Of not posting. Whatevs.
After freelancing for a couple months I land myself a new job.  Still on probation though, so I don’t wanna jinx it by telling where. Now, I am in charge of creating visual thingamagics (meaning: involving lots of Photoshop). On which I’ve been wanting to do for years, but haven’t really have the guts to actually brace myself and dive-in to the graphic designers pool (sans formal training and all). Listen, no matter how cliché this may sound to thy metropolitan grit thickened ears, dreams do come true dears. Somehow if you believe in what you do, someday other people will believe in you too. 
And open your third eye and see the beauty that is the universe. Energy never dies. So is Cthulhu, he just sleep in strange aeon and shit...
Okay okay, I knowww… Rant/chant over, Roger that.

New travel! Recently me, my sister, and her husband went to India. And it was INTENSE. Due to my laziness in posting travel stories (the unfinished Euro trip, and the not even-written last year summer in Japan with Jaz, etc) this time I decided to make a travel journal. Will post pics of the aforementioned journal soon. Promise. 
Meanwhile you could peek the photos here.

New works. As in drawings. Well, it is not really “NEW” new for I finished these babies months ago but just haven’t posted. (first pic is up, the rest will follow after this rather long banter. Yeah you have to scroll down darlings and work thy lazy fore fingers.)

New Work in Progress. On which the so called progress cometh slothly s-l-o-w… I owed this one to Frnss. Thumbnail to sketch took three months and so to actually finish this thing? All I can say is, hang in there buddy, I will try to finish it sometime this year. Anyway it's a drawing of Hedorah, his favorite kaiju.

New tutorial! With the death of megaupload most of my freebies and tutorials are no longer downloadable. So just mail me if you need one, and I will send it via e-mail if possible. 

New awesome blog find! I am currently swooned by the the all around awesome Katrina's blog;  puglypixel. I visit the blog daily for it gives me so much insight on blog visuals. Tons of yummy  tutorials and freebies.  Really like TONS! It even got me thinking in changing my blog lay out. Do also check out Frantic Dreams (fashion blog) and Sketchnote Army (blogname says it all)

New phone! With a camera! That actually works! (most of my phone are hand-me-downs, well including this one, but somehow I got lucky. Or perhaps my mom pitied the neigh crumbling sorry state of a phone that is my previous.) 
I planned to do a 365 photo project since I have NO excuse on NOT bringing camera daily. But kinda failed.  I skipped a couple days,  get caught up in work or forget to charge my phone and the likes. But I’m still doing it, and try to do it daily. Will make a blog/tumblr for phone pics soon. Why not instagram, say you? Well, I don’t use instagram. I use something else (yeah I know it’ available for android too now and bla di dah, and so what?)

New apps addiction: DrawSomething is super swag. I know I’m late and everybody else is practically over it. But I am late in any form of social media, gadgetry, gossips, what say yous anyway. And umm it’s so super yay! I mean you’d actually be able to communicate with some random strangers on the net through pictures only. How awesome is that? 
Yes I often click the create random game like A LOT, cause I am an impatient( little bitch) and I want to collect coins as much as possible (cheap also) so I can buy another set of colors and shit (yet greedy). I don’t have a credit card so playing as many games as possible is the only way. 
Sometimes you got people with skills, and loads of time you’d get “WHAT THE?...”  and you will laugh your ass off afterward. So it’s a total gain. Though I must admit there’s few times I sighed. I was obviously playing with a toddler, since my opponent can’t spell shit and draw whatever or just write absurd word and it’s just well… SIGH. I mean how the fuck could a random string of circles be a raccoon? I mean it’s just circle, circle, circle, and more circles drawn side by side and nothing else whatsoever, looks a lot more like a caterpillar.  Seriously. But the game kinda gives you a lesson in visual communication. Whether transmitting or receiving, you will have insights on how ideas formed and to better your ways to communicate ideas through picture. Will come mighty handy on my new job, won’t it? Or is this just another excuse for slacking off?

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