May 8, 2012


Once upon a Sunday, I decided to play around with paint. And potatoes.
This project is super fun and easy. You could do it on paper or fabrics,  as for the paint just use whatever’s available.

1.       Prep your props and ingredients;
-          Potatoes, obviously.
-          Paper towel or tissues for blotting as potatoes tend to get watery once cut.
-          A piece of fabric (I used canvas for this) or paper.
-          Paints. You don’t necessarily need fabric paint for this, acrylics will do just fine. If you want to do this on paper you could also use gouache/poster colors.
-          A small knife or a cutter.
-          Paint brush and palette (a simple saucer will do)
2.       Cut your potato in half, or three parts, depends on the size of the potato and the shape you want to make. Carve your potato. I go freehand on this, but you could also use a sharpie or pencil to draw your pattern on to the potato before carving.
3.       Smear the paint. You could either dip the potato in the paint. Or use a brush to transfer the paint on to the potato. The second is less messy and saves more paint. But the first could be more fun.
4.       Stamp away.
Alternate shapes and colors ; )
5.       Brew yourself some tea and admire your work.

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  1. asiiiik fabric print tanpa sablon :) aku juga suka, tapi nggak bisa banyak-banyak, kentangnya menyot hihihihi