January 3, 2012

NYE: What's the Story? Crowning Glory.

To be on the street on  New Year's Eve is just awful awful, don't you think? So me and Miss V, currently house mates ( I know! Sooo Yayyy!! more on this later), decided to invite some friends over and have a small party in our rent-house instead.  We've asked our house-guardian lady, and she's a-okay with it. Finger Power enthusiasts as we are, no getting together will be complete without throwing some acts of crafting in the mix. And our pick this time is to do a "Crown of Love" session. The tutorial from Rookie magazine is soooo adorable I'm having no trouble at all in pitching it to Miss V and Miss Dindie (we went ooohh ahh-ing immediately when we saw the video). And yes, we even have our own cats joining the session.
Miss V and I went shopping for supplies in the morning, and came home with 'unplanned' goodies along as always. I bought myself a bobble-head Bobba Fett. A very unlikely find, caught the dude among old-style ceramic vases and other flowery gee-gaws.  You could also read about Miss V's finds here. 
Anyway... here's what's going down on our NYE! 

Around half an hour before midnight we go out and walk to see some fireworks. Mr. Painsugar has the  flu and already fell asleep, so I'm taking a couple of pics and video for him to see. We stopped and stood around in the intersection near Ayodya Park. Fireworks spurt from the park and from the rooftop of surrounding buildings ( our rent-house is just a walking distance from Blok M Plaza). It was lovely.

So how was your NYE? Was  it wonderful, was it sucked? And what about your new year's resolution? Do tell me all about it! Send pictures!!!
And I will send you my art-prints or a Crown of Love in return. Comment on!

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  1. best NYE in my adult life! main bekel dan cupcakesnya yang masya owoh itu lho yaaaa