January 5, 2012

Business Card and Logo Design for Mamaperca

Mamaperca is an on-progress website about quilting and fabrics (do check it out, it's a darling). The pic you see below is actually the early draft of the namecard design and not the finalized version (logo is okay though), but there aren't that much changes actually. And I'm just to lazy to do another one. So here goes...

For those of you who are not in the know, I AM FREELANCING AGAIN!!! 
I ACCEPT COMISSIONS... Illustration, band tees, gig posters,blog banner, logo, craft workshops, interior decor advice, or crafting something special for the one you love or whatevs, you name it.... JUST SEND E-MAIL (or food, have already start "the starving artist" issues) to yours truly.


  1. Asiiiiik :D
    Ok, aku nabung dulu!!! doakan laris ya :p maklum, ga banyak yang suka, hanya orang tertentu...

  2. Hi Melati...
    Kamu manis sekali...terima kasih yaaaa....
    mari sama2 ora et labora!! mensana in corporesano!! jalesveva jayamahe!!!

  3. like the card and the logo...hope i use same logo for Metal business cards.