September 9, 2011

What I Wore and Whatnots.

Okay, here goes...
My previous post kinda reminds me of what I love in Dindie's daily drawings. And as we talked about wardrobes and stuffs via AIM during our working hours, she kinda nudged me ( don't need pushing, I AM that easy) into doing "the What I Wore Today" thing. So okay, I spend the rest of my working hours into doodling things. (Apart from working that is, Ahem! and a just tiny tiny bit of pinning, I swore!).  To be precise, I was designing my soon to be character or avatar or whatevs. I mean if I'm like gonna do this everyday, I should simplify things, right?

Well, I kinda SUCK on that.
Simple and minimal is HARD!!

Drawing attempt number one is the wardrobe I wore yesterday. I was soooo distracted it came absolutely  UNLIKE anything in the what I wore today flickr pool (do check, it's awesome!!! AND the very-own Gemma Correll is moderating.) I spend the night before and (even wake up) early morning reading China Mieville's. You had me at, Kraken
I have a special spot in my heart for seamonsters and the ever growing Cthulhu-spawned-lore. So as you can see below, I have my head full of fidgety feelers that I later inscribed  in little notes.
Like a proper maniac.

oh yeah I wear my Docs too
Okay this is attempt number two, I kinda like my outfit the day before yesterday. I even take picture of it with my Toy Digital Camera (dunno the result yet, apparently I forgot to bring the CD-ROM), so yeah next time. Since I went wayyy overboard on the first, I kinda try to down-tuned it a, ummm, lot. Which in reality what happened is kinda the other way around. The Sep 8 outfit is a whole lot quiet than the 7's (Colors! Everywhere!!! Except the shirt which is black). Before reading Kraken I was re-reading Clive Barker's Abarat series, the  book covers might kinda inspired what I wore that day.

Finally, this is What I wore Today. No, not another book It is mangosteen inspired. And this link is for the products I was raving about. It's local and OH so yummy, I swore! And Voila, a little me-ness. About time.