September 15, 2011

Melange, Oh My (last part)

I was texting my mom and dad, they're in Vienna now,  when I realized that me and my sister were traveling there also almost a year ago (and that I haven't continued my posting about it since errr January! Some procrastination!)  And then I called my sister. We'd be as  gossipy giggly with gusto as the Gunawan girls  we are, and have a grand time in conversing on our parents adorable attempts at country-hopping in Europe with their albeit HUGE suitcases (mom brought a mini rice cooker and dried foods). And their skipping on the long-awaited Gondola ride at Venice (too tired walking then overslept) and Budapest Bus trip (forgot to book, at least that's what my father said, I think they just overslept again)

So yeah I gotta do something about it. My post that is. Not my mom's travel decisions (cause you cannot fight a force of nature, you see. Darlings if you haven't met my mom just go swallow whatever it is you plan to utter, and heed my word.)

Kunsthaus Wien front facade
Okay so on the third day we went to Museum Hundertwasser or more famously known as the Kunsthaus Wien. And we love it! The house was just a whimsical! I'm glad that I finally found an artist and that suits my sister's taste. With all those museum walking with me she kinda went "Meh." after awhile. Couldn't blame here. And this Hundertwasser guy who build the house is NOT just a painter he is also designer and architect that was way ahead of his time. He incorporates natural elements decades before "BIO" or "ECO" or "GREEN" went hip. When not doing that, he travels around the world, made film documentaries and whatnots. His biography on the wall was LOOOONG (it fills a whole fucking wall, they even have seats so you'd be able  to read them thoroughly). How could anyone do so much in their lifetime. Even reading his bio is tiring enough let alone living it (shame on you for being lazy, shame, shame, shame)
We cannot take pictures in the museum but we could take pics of the non-gallery interiors.
This is the excerpt I copy pasted from the museum's website

Hundertwasser about KUNST HAUS WIEN

KUNST HAUS WIEN is a house of beauty barriers, where beauty holds the most efficient function, a place of not regulated irregularities, of uneven floors, of tree tenants and dancing windows. It is a house in which you have a good conscience towards nature.
It is a house that does not follow the usual standards, an adventure of modern times, a journey into a country of creative architecture.

Hundertwasser, 1991

As you can see the building have an uneven floor. Well there's a reason behind it other than fun and 'different'. Well if ye can't bother yourself to read, in sum it would be be; nature's not flat thus the unevenen-ness. And Hundertwasser never went to Holland. Obviously.

And then we went to Schloss Schonnbrunn. Man, it is HUGE. That day the autumn wind was blowing heavily and the temperature kinda dropped. Notice the gloomy sky. And my bitchin' docs : p

And all the autumny feelings there made my sister go photo crazy (even crazier that normal that is). Basically, I was her personal photographer throughout the trip. These are few her none-pics.

The room inside the summer palace are fantastic!  (no pics allowed). The have these chinese black lacquer room, the rosewood panelled room with rural painting on it, and my favorite is the blue-and ivory room that made to look like it's made china (porcelain).
But here's a pic of the station near-by, and my sister bitchin' neon sneakers.

Man, this post is looooooong isn't it. However, march on!
 Okay, move to our last day, we decided to experience 'the Viennese cafe culture' before we hop on our bus to Hungary. And people, it was heavenly.

wiener melange + brezl


cafe interior
go to my facebook album for more pics.

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