December 21, 2010

It's True What They Say about Waffels! (part 2)

After a very happy breakfast we head down to the tram station and continue towards Heysel , a 5 minutes stop before the ultimate retro-future building of all, The Atomium.The sky was cleared out by magical giant sweeper, the sun shone on our eager faces, and as we held our sight to the majestically enlarged version of  an elementary iron crystal atom, our spirits soared. I fall in love on a first sight.

do believe me when I tell you that it's equally gorgeous in every possible angles
The Atomium was build in 1958 for a World Fair Brussels, and inside you could see pictures of that expo ( a bit disappointing to be sincere)  and even bought retro-inspired stuffs on the little souvenir shop inside (pricey, but pretty nice selections). But the best thing about it is that you could ride one  the fastest elevator in the world, check out the gorgeous retro-future interior (I really should stop saying this word, but hell, Rettrahh Fewtchahhh!!!! is a hard to resist kind of word) of red, teal, and grey, and the 360 degrees view of Brussels from the top.

I went berserk. Here. Say; Beam me up, Scotty!
I fell like I could stay here forever, but we still have a long day ahead of us. So let's continue shall we, perchance by meeting Tintin? (Lemme hear you say YEAHHHH!!!) A visit to Brussels won't be complete without a stop at the Belgian Comic Center or endearingly known as the Comic Museum.
We got kinda lost trying to find it, but it was worth it. Though a bit smallish the museum was fun, informative, and eye opening. What's more is that it's situated in a gorgeous Art Nouveau building designed by Victor Horta

Again I wanna stay here forever, but we still have miles to go. And yes, of course, we got lost again. But that's okay it was a good lost, the weather was warm and we got to see lots of beautiful buildings. 

fascinating facade of the MIM
To top my day off, I chose the recently opened Magritte Museum. Breathy and weary, we got to the museum about 1 hour before closing. But the officers were quite lenient and gave us more than ample time to view his works. Instead the usual white walls, the museum was either painted black or a very deep purple, the flow of the display is one of the best I've ever been, easily manageable with no err-have-I-been-here-before whatsoever.  You could follow his works periodically along with what he was doing at the time the works were produced side-by-side. Ummm what exactly am I saying here? Go visit and you'll know what I'm talking about. 
I cannot give you any photos, since it's not allowed to take pictures inside and by the time we are out, I'm just too tired to take anymore pics, and after a whole day of walking our tummy need food fast! But before that a quick stop at the museum shop is a must, I usually buy museum books whenever I could (bigger pictures, cheaper price), and I did.  It's a shame that I haven't take pictures of the book yet, but perhaps I will do that in the future. In the meanwhile you could take a gander at more photos on my facebook album, here. Just add me : )

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