December 17, 2010

It's True What They Say about Waffels!

Awkay, first stop; Brussels, Belgium. Our first stop should be easy, wethink.  Plus because my sister loves chocholates. And whaddya know, we sort of started big. From all of the room rate on the hostel we've booked via Hostelbookers, the one in Brussels was the priciest. But I tell you it was waaaaaayyyyyy worth it. 
Ladies and gentlemen, meet our room at the Albert Inn.

"Oh my God this is so like in the movies!" 
Yes that's right. That's a piano over there, and fire place. And gorgeous gorgeous armoire. We were swooned, and yes we certainly do the swept, swerve, and sigh on the bed. 

Once we got ourselves freshened up we decide to go straight into the center of the city, the Grand Place/Grote Markt and try to take all the city's vibe in. Oh those gilded facade are just gorgeous!!! And I love how Hotel De Ville 
Maison Du Roi are situated exactly across each other, for they have a similar Gothic style with opposing colors. 

That afternoon sky was heavy with cloud and sprinkles of rain kinda drenched the fire in my photo-clicking-finger off. And so we just stroll along the streets around Grand Place while trying to locate the Mannekin Pis

Gina masterly hiding the -err-this-is-that?!!-about-face

Mannekin Pis is petite, I tell you.... You prolly passed it  by and don't even notice. I guess you have to be Belgian truly appreciate it. In the other hand the shops around Grand Place are just adorable, with chocolateries and lace& lattice work boutiques abound we girlies were going googly eyed and gigglish...

La Cure Gourmande is everything you would have imagine a sweet shop to be
Couple of blocks ventured, then our feet start to get weary, our ass freezing and our tummy growled. So we head out to find the true Waffle while wistfully whispered to the angels of foodies to not let us fall into one of those awful tourist traps. Following Gina's usually awesome gumption for good chow  (my sister indeed have that, she really could discern which place would serve good food and pick the best tasting food in the menu with her instinct, BUT it could also totally gone bezonked if she's really really hungry), I took my chance......And so here is the moment of truth. Drums, please......  Ladies, and gentlemen I give you, the Belgian Waffle!!

it's more than yummy it's DREAMY!
(to be continued)
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