August 13, 2010

Strange Sleepless Heart

Finally! Finished  errr second-ish and third piece for  The Sketchbook Project. The second drawing is right beside my first, and I thought they looked better when displayed together, so here goes...

And as for the third (*doing the chicken dance*). Ladies and Gentlemen I present you the testing ground, the get to know the paper piece, the why-am-I-doing-this-crap-that-took-so-long-to-finish...

Whadda messy bunch of mismatched mishmash! Skull? Check! Sad looking woman? Check! Leaves? Check! Octopus Tentacles? Check! "Strange Fruits" ? Check! Eye-headed Cherub? Check! Eggs in a nest? Check...errr what else? I started running out of ideas of what else to put in there, I had few but it will only get weirder, and weird stuffs are harder to draw thus took longer to finish and my I've already done too much damage to my butt. And so I asked my sister...
"What else to put in here you think?"
"How about my photo?" while she poses flirtatiously
"Umm, it's gonna be totally out of context"
"Okay then draw me instead."
"Err, and if anyone asked 'why, I'll answer, it's art, and you don't question art!, yea I supposed that could work. "
She just laughed. 
"I think I'll just try to do something easy yet mystical and grand and such.... Like pyramids!" 
"Not the Egyptian ones, I hope..."
"Why not it's easy yet mystical and grand and such..."
"Do the Candi Sukuh (which she recently visited) instead"
"But it's more intricate, I have to do stairs and all, Giza's easier"
"You should love your country more, you know. Shame on you for not"
With Candi Sukuh's notoriusly erotic sculptures, nothing would be more appropriate, and I should love Indonesia more. Though not long after her brief lecture on "I heart Indonesia" she got scoffed by her bf  for asking "What day is the 17th anyway, it's red (means holiday)?". "It's Republik Indonesia's Independence Day." 

Let's do the chicken dance again, shall we?

And anyway I have to go to Cando Sukuh and Ullensentalu (on which she raves on and on and on, "it's my favorite after the Louvre, the best Indonesian Museum evvvaarrrr). I just must. The photos that my sis showed me are too awesome!


  1. jadi ke jogja ya kita, Shali?haw haw.

  2. iya shal, kamu haru ke candi sukuh trus sekalian candi ceto, yang ceto lebih sederhana tapinya dibanding sukuh.

  3. asyik! iya memang sekalian mau juga hehehehe

  4. oh iya, ada teman yg pernah ke sana...dia nggak mau pulang heheheh menurut dia bagus sekali. banyak hal menurut dia yang very intriguing.