August 11, 2010

The Broad and The Desktop

Once upon a time there is this broad who spent most of her time in front of a desktop.

Upon the desktop sat a laptop.That she loves passionately. 

She uttered a name, "La Joconda",  and soon it became hers.

She loved it still even if it is missing a letter.

Dust would often settled in, but she tries to keep it squeaky clean.

Upon the very desktop there are also boots that are not made  for walking

But for holding pens, pencils, markers, and all.  For she also likes to draw pictures.

on which she must soon finish.



  1. wow XD i'd love to see your room in person :D
    btw, itu sleepless nya keren banget Shaaaal :D
    oh iya, maap lupa, aku akhirnya email ke Good Ness, smsnya kok ndak bisa2 yah gak tau kenapa :(

  2. Iya cuman jadinya kelamaan, kebanyakan yang mau dimasukkin, kenapa ya suka nyusahin diri sendiri....

    oke aku cek ya, yang enak aja cill, dr inbox fb pun ga apa

  3. aduh semuanya bikin ngileeeeeeeerrrr...i like the idea of covering your laptop with fabric or wall paper?

  4. It's fabric attached to heavy card stock Dindie, and I used double tape to make it stick to the laptop. Jadi bisa dilepas dan gak susah dibersihkan kalau mau ganti.

    Supaya kainnya gak berserabut pinggirnya, sebelum dipotong bawahnya dikasih lakban dulu.


  5. sepatu shocking pink nya lutjuuu....mauuuu....