July 4, 2010

Sunday Book Scan: The World We Live In

I found this book in Cikapundung on my recent trip to Bandung, and few other treasures (including two Tini books, Yayyy!!!). Haven't read it yet but the colors are just amazing, hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. As usual don't forget to click each pic to enlarge.

Title: The World We Live In, Special Edition for Young Readers
Author: Editorial staff of LIFE and Lincoln Barnett, text especially adapted by Jane Werner Watson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Publish Date: New York, 1956

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  1. Shali, kalo buku yang kayak gini yang set masih banyak dan komplit di Blok M Square! Yang seri Plants, Sea, Animal gitu.Seri ensiklopedia.
    Dapet Tini yang mana di Bandung? Ika kemaren dapet satu di tampur yang Tini Ke Pantai:D

  2. Dapet Tini Belajar Berenang sama Tini Berkemah : )