July 14, 2010

Puti&Agung's artsy home

So yeah I skipped a Sunday. And almost two weeks of unblogging.  Since I sorta skipped paying the internet bill. Let's just say lately my money went to the "fun & games" part of the budget chart,  before I break into one of  Alanis Morisette's  song "I'm broke but I am happy yay..."
Okay now, as you see earlier this month, me and my buddies went to Batu Karas. And we sorta separated at Tasik, I continued my way to Bandung..... And when I need a place to crash Puti and Agung kindly invited me to their abode, even though we've only met twice. And later in the evening we decided to have ourselves a little party and invited Tia, Azho, Kutil, and Egiw. And that's when I learned the art of partying. It was sooooo awesome! 
Puti even gave me one of her own ceramic toadstool for me to carry home.... While other guests received mushroom plushies made by Agung. Aren't they just super? 
Anyway, what I wanna share with you in the first place are glimpses of their very inspiring home. Their lovely little dwelling is literally  brimming with creativity, you could find artworks and handmades in almost every nooks and crannies. I'm totally swooned.....

now, that's what I call a bright idea

our hostess with the mostest
And before you know it I'm back again in Bandung, this time for Tia's farewell party (we can see a recurring theme here), since she'll be going back to Manila to continue her theses. And guess where I rest my weary head this time?


  1. Whoa! What a house! Thank you so much for sharing ya, Shali!

  2. Oh I hope someday you could meet Puti and Agung ya Ika, and main ke rumahnya. Puti sendiri pernah main2 ke Pepi katanya....