July 25, 2010

Sunday Book Scan: Faust

Among the black and white illustrators Harry Clarke is not as well known as Aubrey Beardsley. Of course Beardsley is the man who brought the whole shebang of darkness in Art Nouveau, but Harry Clarke's stylization is more to my liking. At a glimpse there's no discernible difference between Aubrey's work and Clarke. Look closely and you will see how Clarke deviate from Beardsley in regard on how he chose to portray his subjects. Clarke tends to draw characters with elongated body parts, huge eyes  and long lashes, while Beardsley drew somewhat  simplified rounded  human forms reminiscing characters from Japanese ukiyoe. At that I conclude, what Beardsley has taken Clarke gave back. Clarke's influences are traceable in 70s-80s Shojo Manga like the Rose of Versailles and Garasu no Kamen , and Japanese promising artists such as  Aya Kato (whose early works somehow, I suspect, influenced Camille Rose Garcia's recent works) and Takato Yamamoto. Isn't it great to know how much art inspires and evolves?
Enough with the name throws, anyway, I found this book in the corner of a used book section, as my other treasures this too is someone's garbage. Click pic to enlarge and enjoy its glory!

Title: Faust
Author: Johann Wolfgang van Goethe
Translation: John Anster
Illustration: Harry Clarke
Publisher: Harrap
Publish Date: London, 1985
ISBN: 0 245 54312 0

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  1. gilak detailnya XD dapet dari mana sih Shalli buku2 gini heuuuh luar biasa yah

  2. ini dulu kalo gak salah di Aksara waktu jaman masih nerima jual buku bekas gitu deh....
    Seketemunya aja, kalo lagi beruntung dapet kalo gak ya sudahlah....