July 26, 2010

Last week I....

waited for the raindrop to stop, so I could go out
and watched Inception then bought the cutest anatomy model
shot some product photos for goodness when the sun shone bright
ate Mie Aceh at Meutia, Bendungan Hilir
and fell in love with their bathroom
struck by midnight make-up madness and went bamboozledly  Bambi

made envelopes for my etsy shippings
met my cousin and niece
finally got the "Lolita glasses" I've been craving for and wear it to "Art on Poskart" closing
PS: Thank you Miss V for inviting me to join the fun  "Art on Poskart" exhibition (the make-your-own-stamp session was super awesome!) and for reminding me the  Poladroid fabulousness.


  1. iya ya shali, tu booth PRISMA (bikin perangko sendiri itu) emang paling yahud. ramai banget kan pas mau tutup juga.

  2. kalo kita bikin acara nanti kita undang yuk mereka:D