June 3, 2010

Memories of Malaysia (part two): Terengganu

Crafting is the main theme of the trip to Terengganu, and the reason I went to Malaysia in the first place actually.  Since the number of the participants got larger than before, Kak Ros invited me to assist her in giving craft-lessons for Malaysian ladies. It’s “All about Yoyos”, so no major worries there, I can do yoyos. And fortunately  there is no real language barrier since Malay and Bahasa have a lot similarities between them although the lovely ladies of Terengganu would   love to tease me for using nuance-differed words or my somewhat mixed-up Malay. Despite everything (there are some distasteful mishaps  with the organizer that I won’t mention here  but love to slander if given the opportunities), the five days were a blast. The Terengganu ladies are so awesome  that our 9  to 5 workshop sessions were so much fun. And yes, we cried as we said our goodbyes.

After class Kak Ros and I would drive to Bandar Raya to grab a bite, or buy some supplies at the local market, and do a quick gander at local tourist spots before it gets dark. I would really like to go back Terengganu and actually do some serious sightseeing and snorkeling!

the iconic Masjid Kristal

local delicasies at Pasar Payang
Taking it Easy Terengganu Style
 enjoying the sea-breeze while  munching on deepfried seafood and slurping the ABC at the numerous food stalls near the beach. My favorite!
homemade "Wau", Malaysian traditional kite
Kak Ros loves to make quilts using Malaysian batik. So on our last day at Terengganu, we just got to visit a batik maker. Lucky that one of our workshop participants, Kak Lia, knows the right place to go to in such tiny space of time. I'm totally impressed with its near-to-neon colors I just had to have them. And no, I refuse to follow  that lengthy   "Where's your patriotism and Wear your Batik Day and what-nots" debacle. Read the history of batik if you want. 

print blocks
look at that crazy colors!

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