May 30, 2010

Sunday Book Scan: A Century of Murderers

Now, we will venture into the darker side of life, this one is dedicated for the CSI agent-wannabes within us. This book recorded the infamous homicides from early 1800s to, well 1900s including the Body Snatching duo Burke and Hare, and Dr. Neill Cream notoriously known as the Lambeth Poisoner  . The crimes were described briefly, leaving much of its gruesome details, but the book sure gave plenty of pictures of caricatures, police sketches, newspaper clippings, and photos that is more than enough to give you the ideas of what went on back then. I found, some of the illustrations were quite beautiful, proving once again that the act of destruction could inspire an act of creation.

Title: A Century of Murderers
Author: Edward Lustgarten
Publisher: a PictureFile edition by  Eyre Methuen Ltd.
Publish Date: London, 1975
ISBN: 0 413 3303 3

the creepy looking Kate Webster

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