April 8, 2010

The Juxbox: Sofia Coppola and Ray Caesar

Great minds, they say, think alike.
I have been biding my time, say like two years, to watch Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette". And one glimpse of the blue paneled carriage just sweep me off my feet. This p√Ętisserie of a film is just  so girlishly gorgeous and my eyes greedily devours all of its the visual delights. But a nagging feeling of the deja vu  quickly followed. And I found a  man called Ray Caesar that could give enough answers before I sing myself to sleep.

You're currently catching my drift, I believe..... And yes there's more.....

Ah yes, the similarities are uncanny. While Ray Caesar's jacked up saturation barely veiled the dark currents running underneath, Sophia's Antoinette-world are full of almost powdery pastels that made it more and more like, well, cake-ish with decadence on the side. 
But dear fellow methinks 'tis not the who 'tis but the what.... 
It's the Palace of Versailles and France. On one of his interviews Ray Caesar said he loves Boucher, Fragonard, and the rest of the Rococo crews whose patrons happened to be the very essence of Versailles' more intimate style. Sofia was so moved that she made her nest in Paris. France does have strange effects on people near or far, doesn't it? But if you keep insisting on the who, well it's the French Royales. Voila, case closed.
In case you're wonderin', Sofia's favorite patisserie is Laduree, and yes their pastry making tradition goes way back.

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  1. you are the Holmes of virtual memory, child! hats off to you!
    But now hold it, hold it. Tiled pictures, first and second line, Coppola's side. Speaking of hats! don't you think they are a bit too, ahem, avant-garde for Antoinette's time? are those stills from the movie? My, I should remind myself to watch the thing before asking questions.

  2. yes, those are stills from the movie. And yes, you should watch it first, Sofia's movie got nothing to do with history, it's about Antoinette; the rise and fall of a teen pop star.
    : )