March 31, 2010

M is for Martens

Dear Valentine Rose, I don't really mind that you have completely drained my savings. I would even sacrifice my movie-goings, my book buyings, my monthly food-binge with the girls, even my nearly diminishing social life just to have you by my side .
What's a month or two? I know you'd be good to me for life. You're the best boots ever. I love you. Let's walk this world together and kick some ass!


  1. oh my...sooooo are made for walking! wear it together, will you, Shali?

  2. Hmmm...there are THREE girls here loving this one doctor at the same time? It does say something, no?;)

  3. classical, doctor's always be the charming character as in literary works. hahaha and so does in fashion.