March 21, 2010

Layered Chocolate

With the flu gone and so went with it the howlin’ oh-my-back blues! And I finally managed to properly unpacked my luggage, yay! Pop wanted me to meddle with his netbook, but I sorrily didn't finish it. But  Dad I really really have to go out and see the ummm streets of Jakarta this Saturday. I have to make sure that it still hellishly hectic, I’ve been way for so long, no?

Was very late for Alice in Wonderland, Eck?! What the Uck by the way. Even the scoring is mind-bogglingly ear-aching , highly unusual for Elfman. The only things that managed to impress me is Anne Hathaway’s White Queen which is just so very hilarious and the awesome looking Evangelion-ish red cards. I sincerely wish Grace Coddington was to be asked on this project, her vision of Alice is one of the best fashion intrepretation ever....

A Wendy’s frosty console my soul enough before we have a proper food after at Bakmi Margonda. The eatery have been selling noodle since 1968 and still packed as ever. Too bad I was too hungry and busy with my food and my friends  I didn’t really take proper pics of the place. Oh well. We go straight to Kineforum at TIM to see the premiere of “At the Very Bottom of Everything”, right after.

I won’t tell you much about this except that I (almost)  cause  a scene with my unstoppable loudmouth and that you should very well watch this movie about Bipolar Disorder since it is breathtakingly beautiful. It is also very artsy (it got nudity, blood, and poetry wink wink), a surefire to ensure your add few notches of  moviesnobbilitiness as you recommend this to any of your moviesnobby friends. And do meet the scraggy puppet  at the first scene (made by yours truly, Ahem!), that got me the invitation to sit together with the rest of the fabulous  casts and crews in the first place.  See the trailer below, and make sure you catch the next show….

About the layered chocolate, well, it's the clothes I wear today..... (anyway cut my hair the other day, since I am bored and I got my scissors close, and I am just dying to do the cute hotel receptionist @ Macau soft- asymmetrical-bob-style-which-I-know-for-sure-I-should-wait-to-let-my-hair-grew-longer-first-to-get-it-right,  but I am just too impatient as always )

And in the morning I found out that mini-is Roti Buaya that I bought at Bakmi Margondat has somewhat traditional chocolatey fillings too. Goodness!

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