January 5, 2010


Finally!  Yay!
I still have no curtains nor bed. But no worries here since Dad finally agreed to gave up his never-ever-budged not-even-an-inch-marital-bed (my guess he preferred peace than having to bear another round of decormonster battle). I promised him not to do too much damage, am just gonna change the headboard-cushion-thingie. As for the curtain, I plan to use bright colored (and fabulous!) Indian tablecloths brought by Miss V from her recent trip to Mecca, still amazingly available in Bikin Barang by the way. Peacock inspired per se, the turquoise and the hot magenta paint licks made it accidentaly Bazaar Styled, which I gladly complement with my vintage finds (the color-matchiness seemed predestined somehow, aheh!). Peacock inspired per se, I think I kinda have to rename it, if it were a peacock it must have lived in the neon-colored late 80s. Awyea the cute donkey you see in the bottom left was a trade I got from a wonderful Etsian named Ady.
I gotta run now, have to catch another session of Avatar, I missed the 3D yesterday.



  1. is this your room? uh-mazing..... miss u shal! i put ur blog link in my blog yah...

  2. your room? hmmm, i love your room in jatinenjer, with the ridiculously huge fridge LOL

  3. Hei Ya...
    miss u too, gue agak2 terdampar di Bekasi, jadi ya merombak kamar deh eykeh.....

    @salty: yang bener loh? huehehehe ga ada fotonya tapi kalo gak salah terasa distro sekali deh ya.... hehehehe

  4. yes, remember all the the posters you had back then LOL

  5. hi shalimma...i really in love with your room color :)