December 19, 2009

The Quest for a Niche to call Nest (part 2)

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After the red room incident, I decided to dilute my decorating-in-decadence tendency. Luckily the succeeding apartment original palette was quite pretty. It has a cream colored wall, light blue ceiling with white trimming. I was happy. (umm, couldn’t find the pic yet so…)    
I despised white walls. In Indonesia white paint are the mandatory staple in any hardware store. It’s not the “off” kind either. It is white, white, white, for interior, exterior, hell, every room. It may be trendy in other parts of the world. But here it has been going on since the peak of Soeharto’s regime. It's our Beige.
However, the considered ‘modern’ movement towards ‘minimalism’ spread quite rapidly even to the country side. The boxy buildings with great glasses were grayish, or bare, or tan. So perhaps pretty soon the willingness of washing walls white will soon be brushed aside. But then again, I despised the "gaya rumah minimalis",  as strongly as my refusal to acknowledge pop art(?).
”I beg your pardon, Warhol, who?” *in my uppitiest  Her Majesty’s English, while sipping Earl Grey from my Royal Doulton cup, pinkie up *
Okay, now back to the old block. 
Pop quiz; In what color the walls in my room painted presently?
I forgot (again? nooooo!) to take pictures of my room before the dismantling. So there will be no proper ‘before and after’ pics. So I’ll just use my sister’s instead, beside the army of pink piglet plushies, there aren’t  that many difference between hers and mine. On the top left sits my cousin, and behind her is my room, the  photo was taken just before her engagement ceremony and that sufficiently explains on  why I have a camera ready.
I used to have a blue room, next to my sister’s pink &purple. With my mom handmade matchy-matchy lacy beddings, curtains, and whatnots it would’ve been an epitome of a Princess Pegasus Barbie Petite Palace, if not for the imposing poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger as John Matrix in Commando. It was pretty unsettling, I will show you why...
 image collaged using pics from here and here
Of course I also have a very matchy-matchy madness of a room, less frilly perhaps, and without posters of the opposite sex be it brutish or beautiful.
What I did have however was a big poster of spaceships entering earth’s orbit.  It was from Independence Day, I didn’t really like the movie but it was big back then so it was quite of a bragging material. Dad bought it for me since I am shamelessly keen on sci-fi but he couldn’t tell the difference from one movie to another.
Since changes were minuscule  the bedrooms childishness is only natural. The blue cabinet that peeked in the first pic used to be diaper station for baby-me, and came along with coordinating bed and armoire. The floating shelves came a bit later, I think it was somewhere between late 80s and early 90s, when my parents decided to modify the guess room so that my sister could learn to sleep by herself , and by that reducing the occurrence of the calamitous catfights that often give them horrendous headaches. But that's all in the past, we're totally besties now....
However it is a fatal to assume that the furies farmed by the female forces were finally ceased to exist. As they were merely torpid......

inspired by two great kaijus,  Gamera and Godzilla, images found here

Sensing the coming of a storm the man of the house stirred from his seat. The air thickens with the tangible taste of broiling estrogens. It’s going to be heavy perhaps even horrendous, and so he thinks. It was downright dumbfounding on how his hot-tempered wife and headstrong daughter could have such distinctly different taste.  Soon their obstinance will cause him his peace. He let out a heavy sigh. He missed his pastimes already.

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  1. that arnold thing is just hilarious! selamat mendekor ya bu! suatu saat aku kan menyusul mu! hehe...