November 13, 2011

The Juxbox: Threadful Photography

Okay, let's picture boundaries in photography. Yeah, in your head. Go on. They're two dimensional, they preserve moments and yet transient, they're such a square. Alright, now threw that out the window. Yes. Out. The window.
And ladies and gentlemen, let us give a big round-up applause to Craigie Horsfield and Maurizio Enzeri, whose works crossed boundaries that created something  new and yet have  roots in a traditional domestic craft. Tapestry for Horsfield, embroidery for Enzeri.
I've chanced to Horsfield's works last year on me and my sister's last year  Euro trip. Before we head back to Eindhoven after spending the weekend at Zeeland, Oom Wim and Tante Thera decided to take us to a brief stop in Antwerp and go to MuHKA. ANd then BAM!!! Big ass carpets on the wall that just beyond anything I ever seen. Now THIS is MODERN ART bitches! I felt lucky, and thought that this could be very much our Bayeux Tapestry (dubbed as the first comic book, basically it is a loooooong embroidered cloth depicting events leading up to the Battle of Hastings, I know this from reading up another  comic; Bryan Talbot's The Adventures of Luther Arkwright).  

My photos didn't do it justice, really. Because the real works are textured and tactile and the images just sort of jump in your face. It was brilliant. 
 You  can read about the exhibition here.

Okay, now, Maurezio Enzeri. His works is something I stumbled on the Internet, natch This guy embroidered  photos straight-up  and it is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Furthermore, this is something that we could simulate. Somehow. Work those fingers, boys and girls!!!

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