September 24, 2011

Fascinating New Things

This week is super tiring but super happy too!!! And these are the things that keep the after work blues away. Ladies and Gentlemen meet my new laptop;  Sherlock Korolevich.

It's a HP Probook 4230s, with a second generation i5 and 4 Gig DDR3 all in a compact 12 inch package. Sweet... I've been without a computer for so long, I felt so blessed with one now. What a wonderful machinery. Of course I haven't try anything on it. I just used it for umm playing games (Angry Birds Rio) and watched DVD (Downton Abbey). 
So, is it fast? I can't really tell.

I received this packages from Annah and Holly that are filled with so much awesome stuffs!!! It's like Halloween and Christmas and Birthday in the same time!!! Super yayness!!

See!!! Awesome right?!! Annah made the silly cat-caterpillar thingie on top and Holly send this awesome cat buttons. They're such a cute cat people. And those are pin-up pins!! And how about that ribs earrings?!! Happy happy happy!!!

super cute right?!

TADAAAA!!! Isn't this just the most awesome necklace evvah??!! I think it's a velociraptor by the the shape of the head and raptors rocked! But recent finds suggest raptor have feathers, say you. Please shut-up and lemme have my Jurassic Park moments here. You wanna argue still? Then it's a T-Rex with head defect okay, you happy now? I dunno how the head gone defect, you go and find out if you're sooooo smart. Geez...
Umm now the inner geek have gone sulking let us summon the inner shopper.

Okay so this shopping thing happened when I HAVEN'T got my package (but the package come earlier, I just haven't get them from Mr Painsugar). Anyway it was fun so thank you Miss Dindie. You can read her version here
And oh yeah, I've started to join Fransis in at esgriming. It's a picture blog about ice creams : )