June 14, 2011

Fuuvi Groovy!

It's a camera in the size of an flashdisk USB while playin' up toy camera retro-esque look!  Too cute too awesome!! I want, I want, I want!!!
These babies  need a Micro-SD card (up to16GB, not included)  to fire its 2 MP camera. Photos are 1280×1024. The lens is F2.8 f=3.2mm with an ISO 100. Roll over here for a complete spec rundown and photo results.
Should be interesting though, since unlike most digital camera you cannot immediately see the results, and since it is just a teeny weeny thingie, the angles and view points are boundless!

A little warning though, a visit to Fuuvi's website might do your sweet tooth harm. I mean  they actually made  chocolate, biscuit, and juice cameras!!

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