January 23, 2011

Melange Oh My! (part 2)

On the second day in Vienna we chose to go to three museums in a row. Time saving in mind we opted to go in to the smaller ones first; The Mozart House and Haus der Musik.We weren't lost like we often did, but we were wrong about the time saving thing. Dead wrong. Despite the size both museums are really really time consuming, in a good way that is. 
We couldn't take pictures at the Mozart House but I really like the way they display things there; very concise and creative. You got to wear the audio guide for free with its very detailed and not-that-boring instruction and the maestro's music playing on the background while viewing the tidbits of his daily life. I got near the end of the  visit, and Requiem Mass in D Minor was starting to play, and the the museum management board and their cohort got me to shed a tear or two..... Anyway here's  'Amadeus' , go watch, it's good!

Awyea, you also got to see memorable parts of " The Magic Flute" in a aquarium-like stage with hologram people, isn't that grand?!!
As for the Haus der Musik I will just copy you the excerpt I've took from their website.

"HAUS DER MUSIK is an interactive discovery museum located in the heart of Vienna's first district nestled between St. Stephen's Cathedral and the Vienna State Opera. A host of interactive installations playfully communicate openness to new things, understanding and enthusiasm in approaching music HAUS DER MUSIK was awarded the Austrian Museum Prize for its innovative design and is located in the formerPalais of Archduke Charles. You will find all 67 of its new inventions here. A total of 5,000 square meters has been set aside exclusively for areas dedicated to a wide array of approaches to music, and most of all, to the experience of music."

You could sample all kinds of sound from winds,ultrasonics,  major cities' hearts, to the sounds of the sun and planets!!! There are also special rooms dedicated to maestros, it is Vienna after all dear friend! It's mighty mighty fun!

So fun that we lost the track of time, after grabbing get go grubs (big slices of donner-pizza near the metro station yum yum!!!). We head on to the mother of the legions of art museum in the city, the Kunsthistorisches Museum! The museum was nearly close so me and my sister we're running around the museum like crazy. If I have to chose one word to describe the museum, it would be: Grand.

The main painting chambers are full of life-sized portraits inhabiting huge canvases that sprawled across the rooms. I've never seen such huge well selected paintings in one space before, the effect was both surreal and awe-inspiring. So awed I didn't take pics, because I just wanted to eat them up with my eyes as much as I can. The KHM also have an interesting arrays of Classical Antiquities and Egyptian Relics. And decor oh the decor. I promise myself to visit it again, and next time I will take my time, and I will also visit its twin The Naturhistorisches Museum across the park.

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