August 31, 2010

Old is the New Black

Yesterday the scissor-madness strikes again, and three (or was it four?) fashion recons thus occurred. Or perhaps it's just me, having lethal complication of the sudden yet familiar disease known as new-clothes-covet  with no-money-in-my-pocket complication. Browsing through the familiar fashion blogs would seem to only make it worse.... But no, it does not necessarily mean so. For instance, the venerable Outi from Outsapop Trashion posted about the Old is the New Black movement that soon got me all smeared with black paint and big sloppy smiles on my face. For this experiment I am using black acrylic paint, a big brush, a permanent marker, and my old apparently-my-sister-borrowed-for-years-and-when-it-got-returned-it-no-longer-fits-me-it-sucks rider vest. Voila! The Before and After!

However I cannot submit it to the movement for breaking one of the rules that I will quote below.
Old is the New Black” is a fashion reclaiming movement instigated by the Black Fashion Bureau.
Are you tired of your old rags? Had enough of that stained sweater? Sick of your brother’s castoff hand-me-down? Upset that fashion has finished your favourite frock? 
Don’t just sit there - PAINT IT BLACK!
This underground movement invites YOU to join us… 
1. Source old garment(s) this could be something you own that’s damaged / stained  / no longer on trend / OR something you have found / reclaimed
2. Source black paint. This could be from your local DIY store / art shop / something left over found in your shed… 
4. Get someone to photograph you wearing your finished garment(s)
5. Submit! Select this option from our menu tab and attach you image.

I took the pic myself. Boohoohoo...

once it dried the color from acrylic paint gets thinner so I add more black scrawls using marker.

But fuck it this is my blog, and I'm having lotsa fun with the project, I'd share it here anyways. Here it comes again.... Pow Pow Bang!

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