June 27, 2010

Sunday Book Scan : Alberto Vargas

First I have a confession to make. I have pictures of nude girls in my computer, lots of them. It's not jerking off materials, mind you, I simply adore the naked bodies of the female of the species. Most of the pics are the va va  voom pin-ups from the 50s where Alberto Vargas reigned supreme. 
I've been coveting this book since my first day working at aksara. Then before I could gather the money needed to buy it, the one and only copy of the book has vanished from the displaying shelf. Somebody had bought them I thought, even if the book was super-pricey, I really think it's worth every penny. But I was wrong. Imagine my happiness to find the book years later in a discount shelf for  almost a third of the original price! 
As always, click  pic to enlarge.

Title: Alberto Vargas; Works from the Max Vargas Collection
Author: Reid Stewart Austin
Publisher: Bulfinch Press
Publish Date: New York, 2006
ISBN: 0 821 25792 7

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