June 3, 2010

Crafty Days Report

My sister and I had so much fun at Tobucil's Crafty Days 4. I could give you no pics to illustrate it, since my camera is broken, and I am not that happy with my cellphone photo results, so you just gotta take my words for it. This is my second on having a booth at Crafty Days, first it was with Bikin Barang and now I'm under the banner of Goodness with my sister. I used my handy dandy fake grass (often used as background for my product shooting) , an alphabet tree, and some pastel colored plastic baskets that I bought at Pasar Mayestik. I was kinda hoping for a fairy tale-ish look. Not sure whether it's working or not, because our nook was pretty crampy, tee hee...

I was ultimately swooned by Oma Anna's homemade jam and super-neat book binding and bright colored  hard-to-find batik collections. But I was so caught up between the rain, taking notes on custom-made requests, and packing stuffs, I forgot to buy them. Thank God my sister bought one (the cover is from Batik Gendongan! My favorite batik of all!), and she's been caught carrying it almost everywhere and almost all the time. She just got the scrapbooking-bug from our neighboring booth of four super sunny girls who called themselves De Rozalis. I think the six of us together  were the noisiest bunch of all the participants. And most  likely to be caught munching on candid shots.Thank You so much Wienny, Odin, Olin, and Kei for the absolutely wonderful time and oh-so-yummy homemade cupcakes. Be waiting for you girls to visit us here in Jakarta coret!

Due to the recommendations of Dindie, we crashed in for a night at this kitschylicious guest house called Tamara. You wouldn't know it's a guest house from outside, we could probably say the same thing by looking at its inside.There's no sign board or reception desk whatsoever. It totally felt like you're visiting a distant relative, a nice Auntie to be likely.

And I immediately go gaga over the Austin Power Bathroom with its straight from the 70s Euro decor catalogue matchy-matchy ceramics, brown-orange floral shower curtain, and mustard bath tub with its  brown so-you-won't-slip thingamajigs in the shape of flower matching the curtains! Oh!  Pooh bah, my long and boring words wouldn't do justice, I couldn't find the a bathroom that looks like it by Googling, however I found the a photo that pretty much match the tonal and overall mood of the room. I am so going back there and be like the lady in the pic below! 

found via Katnip


  1. hai hai, foto-foto crafty daysnya ada di sini http://www.flickr.com/photos/tobucil/collections/72157624182403904/

  2. Dear Sunday Child...........
    Found your KITSCHINA tagging to Olin and Udin (on FB), which are sweet old friends of mine and scrapbook buddies...and I am landing here on your beautiful blog. I planned to go to that event, but something came up and I missed it. :(( Still hope I can meet you (and your sister) someday. :) Glad you had such a good time at Bandung.

  3. Halo Ria...
    We're looking forward to meet you too. And Thank you so much for your kind comment : )