February 20, 2010


This blog is officialy overhauled. After splitting headaches and  sleepless nights and I finally did it. And for those of you that  are clueless with  computer-language, worry not,  there’s a whole bunch of CSS/XML/javascript  fluent speakers on the web that are more than willing to help your problems.  Just ask and try not to mess around too much for this “customize-template” thing is one prissy  fickle bitch. Missed one tiny typo and you are in deep doom-ish dungeon.
If you do like to try things out, it is wise to make a ‘dummy blog’, to see how it looks .  And if you think you’re ready to do it for real remember to always back up, back up, and back up, each time you decide to change anything. And awyea complicated looking blog templates are also difficult to customize, and take longer time to load.
I owed major thanks to pocket of BlogBulk for the terrific template and gentle guidance, the graphicfairy,  kollermedia, and the Sarcophagus Room for their rad resources. Check also BloggerBuster,  BlogUniversity,  and SpiceUpYourBlog, for nifty tutorials, templates, widgets, and anything blog-ish. To avoid confusion between different problem solving techniques, it is highly recommendable to have both template and tutorial from one place.
Blog On!

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