October 2, 2009

Subscription Mailer/ Used Postcard Gift-Box Tutorial

Inspired by this video by Etsy Lab  on packaging , I immediately pull out my ever littering paper stacks and get to work. And soon I was experimenting stuffs out, and this here is what I happily managed to came out with. I never really enjoy measuring things out and pretty bad at making proper pattern (hence the awkward sizing of 1.05 inch since it is the exact width of my handy metal-ruler), so I thought I should share this for the not-so-perfect no-fussy-bizniz cum not-so-perfectionistas like myself. Click pic to make it larger.

  1. Prepare your materials (used postcards and subscription mailer, scissors, cutter, ruller, pencil/pen). Sort the cards by size, and set  two identical-sized cards aside.
  2.  Measure 1 inch from each side and draw straight lines. Draw another line measuring 1 inch from the previous vertical lines.
  3. Cut the two horizontal lines until the x-markings continued by removing the outer small rectangles away.
  4. Cut small triangles on four sides as shown to make it easier to fold.
  5. Score all remaining lines (you could use the back of your cutter or in my case I use the tip of a mechanical pencil), and fold in.
  6. Secure with stapler or double tapes.
  7. And your box lid is ready. For the bottom part repeat previous steps except this time use 1.05 inch measurements. Adorn with colorful ribbons or yarns. And, Tadaahhh!!!

  • The 1 and 1.05 inch measurements will fit regular postcards snuggly while it will fit magazine subscription postcards rather loosely since they are printed in papers that are thinner. So if you want them to fit perfectly do 1 inch measurements for both of the top and lid.
  • Experiments with size and measurements. I found this box fit for earrings, brooch, pin-back button finely. But if you want bigger boxes for, let say charm bracelets, try using fashion/glossy magazine covers cut in half.
  • Take the adornments further by wrapping them in fancy paper (s) .


  1. Thank you for sharing this tutorial! I love it!

  2. salam kenal mbak! thanks for the tutorial ya :)

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