September 1, 2009

Happiness Comes in…… Xeroxed Label Packages

ready to go

ropped and cut and pasted after long hours at the photocopiers. Making your own labels shouldn’t meant to be expensive. Print your label in black and white, buy your own heavy paper (I used Concorde’s cover and anonymous 260gr linen-papers, and have them copied.
And it is not “cheap”, it is “crafty”.
my mini manila folders
Ahh, lookie lookie my mini manila folders. My artprints should be safe and sound tucked in these perfected handmade packages.
chinese mini make-up boxes
I found these Chinese mini make-up boxes gathering dusts in a corner of a wedding favors-shop. Bought a dozen of ‘em, one of those impulsive buying thing, you know. I think they are perfect for small items like USB drivers, name cards, medicines and beyond. I think I will use them for my jewelry line also (coming very soon on my etsy shop).


  1. aduh kereeeeeennnnnn!!!! gambarnya juga bagus banget waaaaah aku follow bole yah ^^

  2. Hallo cecil,
    Terimakasih yaaa....
    (padahal fotonya itu di atas mesin cuci, soalnya ruang cuci kalo siang paling terang... hehehehehe)