August 20, 2009

Tutorial: the Fa-la-Felt Book Cover

Things you’ll need:
- felt fabric(s)
- yarn
- ribbons
- sewing needle and pins
- scrap fabrics and buttons
- scissors
- pencil
- tape measure and ruler

- Prepare your naked book, pull out your tape measure and wrap it around the book (see pic#1). This will be the length of the cover. Measure the book vertically and add half an-inch as the cover’s height. This method lets you could cover any book size : )
- Cut felt fabric according to size
- Do blanket stitches in each vertical side of the fabric (pic#2). Not necessarily for the lazies, just to it make prettier, since we’re using felt it won’t fray.
- Fold the right side of the fabric in about a half-width of the front page and pin them in place (pic#3).
- Cut ribbon in accord to fabric’s height and add ½ inch. Fold its top and bottom each measuring ¼ inch. Pin the ribbon down in about 1 ½ inch from the outer side of the back of the book(pic#4)
- Remove book. Blanket stitch the horizontal side of the fabric, try to keep it tidy and small. Make sure it stitched through the pinned-folded part and ribbon (pic#5)
- Make a yoyo out of your scrap fabric and combine it with a small circle made from felt and a fun looking button. Wrap a small ribbon around the book and cut. Sandwich and stitch ‘em all together in the unfolded part of the fabric (pic#6).
- Make two identical leaves from felt and sandwich the end of the ribbon in between. Stitch together (pic#6).
- That’s it! Congratulate yourself with a cuppa!

- You could also decorate your cover with multi-colored felt shapes, you don’t even have to stitch ‘em down just stick ‘em with craft glue.
- If you don’t know how to make a yoyo, follow this link from anniescupboards
- If you couldn’t be bother with yoyos, use sandwiched felt circles or shape ‘em into flowers instead.

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  1. Great tutorial! I'm always looking for a good handstitching project!

    I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing: