August 16, 2009

Road Trip: Surabaya

Finally the (too) long awaited holiday have finally came! We’re goin’ trippin’ baby, awyea! First stop; Surabaya. Although some of my friends said the city was a “don’t”, I found the East Java capital to be quite charming. But it is MY opinion, don’t take my word for it, for I am so easily amused. It is busy, it is noisy, it is scorching hot and have its own heavy traffic jams and rush hours. BUT it is surprisingly CLEAN with lots of meticulously maintained beautiful big parks and wide pavements for pedestrians. 
I stayed two days in my cousin’s, and from her husband I found out that the parks along with the pavements were in fact recent. So whoever responsible for making it heavenly for Surabaya strollers, I give you all my thumbs up!  
I am so very grateful for my cousin Imma and her hubby Herry for letting me stay at their house. They even managed to take me to see the sights, having a very a healthy trotting toddler, it was practically nigh impossible. Now I totally understand on the sudden “disappearance” each seldom-time we finally managed to talk online, love you lots cuz. 

And of course, I finally ate the proper Pecel Bebek ! Yummy!!!

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