May 17, 2009

Anyway, Who Am I: When Alter Egos Collide

Once upon a time I decide to divide myself to three alternating egos, one who draw pictures called Sunya-Raw, one who writes short stories called Siten, and then there’s the entity who rule them all, Shalimma R. Why I need that many persons inside of myself is beyond me now. In other word I sorta forgot. I am nowhere near i-am-oh-so-famous that I need pseudonyms each time I checked myself to a hotel or something. And I need not to elude from government agents but still want to spread the “word” out to the masses neither. So why the hell I need them for?
To solve problem: Dissect or put laser holes in the head! (my unnamed mad evil scientist in the head oft said). Let see, Sunya-Raw likes to draw skulls very much. She also draws a grotesque amount of gore, blood and other macabre. The glorification of death most probably inspired by black/death metal music, not necessarily Norwegian in the case, that she gleefully listen. She never seems to have too much of black clothes. In deviantart, where she flaunts her works, people call her “Dude” all the time.
Siten writes. She made up short stories of nameless and featureless people caught in quote signs. Her writing style in Bahasa is frightfully serious.
When other people who know Sunya or Siten through their measly little work decided to meet the real persona, they bound to get disappointed. Shalimma is nowhere near gloomy nor serious . Her sunny disposition is cheeseparing annoyance. When engage in a serious conversation she could not manage to hold her concentration more than half an hour. She often used her ADD as an excuse. She also farts frequently and lewdly loud. She wants to be a pirate, so skull imagery is as endearing as chocolate to her. She would defend metal music to tears, even carved gruesome pentagram between her bellybutton and her pussy. She also love books very much. 
The name Sunya came up when she read a book about eastern philosophical comparative studies. While the name Siten derived from c-10, a pen name given by her editors when she was a trainee reporter in one Indonesian newspaper. 
Shalimma now tries to dabble in craft seriously when before it was just an idle little thing. Ever since, her egos collide and began to affect each other. So fuckin’ what, these every other selves are mine, and myself are those every others. Wait, I kinda confused here…  
Anyway I decide to have my own business card to better promote myself, unemployed and all, and this is how it will look. A design that, I hope, serves as an explanation stating Shalimma R and Sunya-Raw is one and the same. As for Siten, she got lost in the world of words. I still hear her whisper sometimes in the dead of night wanting to finish the story about the cats that live in the corners of a man‘s eyes . 


  1. Oh what a gorgeous name card design!
    I'd love to buy this as an art print if you're thinking of making some;)

  2. hi miss shalimma...i saw your works at semarak tengkorak catalogue and this is what i never able to jaws are aching from admiring your works...:)