February 16, 2009

Seeking treasures within the confines of the familiar

This weekend my too-sensitive-it-is-damn-troublesome-nose got me stuck within the perimeter of my kid sister’s room. There’s some sort of small renovation in my parent’s house but the dust and debris just flew all over. Though I managed to go out once in a while, as a living entity one can’t help to feel one’s natural urges, my nose just won’t compromise. Thus the nasal river runneth again and again and again. And left me Rudolphed.
But I just can’t help myself to do some rummaging. A habit of mine when there’s no one around. I’ve been doing it since junior high, yet the house still held so many surprises. Always want to be a pirate, I am, and sail the seven seas in a glorious search of gems and gold. I guess that’s pretty much why. And so, like any good seafarers will, I brace myself despite the disastrous dust, the itchiness, the rash, the snot, the asthma, and whatever may…. To open the door and hunt them treasures! Yaaarrrr!!!
And I found:
• My skull earrings, Yay! Thought I lost them…
• Awesomely layered (read: damaged) pictures of our family trip to New Zealand that could make Lomo-owners envious
• Formal portraits of mom and dad, think it was from the 80s, by the size of it I think it was leftovers from passport or visa making process.
• Tangoes and Pocket Scrabble! How cool is that! My dad used to bought me and my sister pocket board games and the likes, to keep us entertained (or keep us quiet) on long trips. And those two are my favorites, while Gina prefers monopoly. In the scrabble score card remaining page, there’s my mother’s handwriting. Only four rows have been filled, the session was mother vs me, and I was winning…. Wonder what happened, what words we used, and why we didn’t finish the game….